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Walter Mosley

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Iconic, prolific, beloved: praise consistently used to describe Walter Mosley, award-winning writer and social commentator lauded for his work across media and the arts. From his beginnings in Los Angeles with Black and Jewish roots to his multiple successes through numerous platforms, Walter's distinct talents and singular insights unfailingly set him apart from his contemporaries.

Walter's work can be discovered on bookshelves, periodical kiosks, newspaper stands, television, stage, film, and recordings. In his live appearances Walter reaches out to audiences with his sharp observations and profound understandings on race, social justice, and America today.

New in 2023, Walter adds to his storyteller legacy, this time returning with New York City cop turned private investigator Joe King Oliver in the thriller Every Man a King. Like his other popular detective protagonists, including Easy Rawlins and Leonid McGill, Joe's cases magnify his humanity, virtuous and flawed. Publishers Weekly deemed the book a “worthy successor” to his first from this series, 2018's Down the River unto the Sea.

The breadth of Walter's remarkable achievements include Executive Producer and Writer for series Snowfall on TV's FX channel; The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, the limited series starring Samuel L Jackson, created and written by Walter for Apple TV+; and Consulting Producer for FX TV series Justified: City Primeval. Among his best known screen work is the movie Devil in a Blue Dress with Denzel Washington playing Easy Rawlins, adapted by Walter from his original best-selling mystery. Versatile in every way, Walter achieved Grammy winner status for his contributions to Richard Pryor's And It's Deep Too album in 2001.

With more than 60 books to his credit, Walter defies classification with contributions to mystery, crime, science fiction, literary fiction, political, young adult, nonfiction, instructional, graphic novel, and even erotica genres. His short stories and op-ed essays have appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, GQ, Esquire, Playboy and The Nation.

Lifetime honors include the 2020 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, the Mystery Writers of America's Grand Master Award, the New York State Writers Hall of Fame, and lifetime achievement awards from both PEN America and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. The NAACP has honored Walter a record three times with the Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work in Fiction.

Walter connects with groups through his passion across a broad array of topics in current events as well as storytelling and instructive writing. Forthright about race, diversity and equality, he established The Publishing Certificate Program at City University of New York to expand writing courses, internships, and job opportunities for all communities.



  • State of the Nation: Today's Cultural Connections & Divides The state of the world is all in how you look at it. With a keen eye for the rhythm and trepidation of the world, author Walter Mosley has filled libraries with stories, essays, and ideas about where the world has been and where it is going. But the present also matters, and Mosley divulges where we are at right now, offering his insights into what keeps the society together and what is driving it apart.
  • Has Change Come? The Racial World of America Change: a bold promise from President Barack Obama. Now the 2020's, is our society really that different vs 2009? What is post-racial society and do we live in one? Walter Mosley looks at the cultural, social and political implications of race in America, and confronts issues of race and what that might mean for the country.
  • The Only True Race Is the Human Race The world has many different cultures, ideas, colors, and beliefs. And for generations, these differences have created conflict. They keep humanity separated, when really we're more the same than we are different. With a simple, eloquent message, Walter Mosley has changed the conversation about race, because to him, there is only one: the human race.
  • This Year You Write Your Novel Fear can stop your pen in its tracks. But why let it stop you from telling your story? In This Year You Write Your Novel, author Walter Mosley helps you set a course, put pen to paper, and make the most of your year. The path to discovery is before you. It's time to walk it.
  • From Generation to Generation: Stories of Fathers and Sons Walter Mosley's two acclaimed characters, Easy Rawlins and Leonid McGill, do more than solve mysteries. They offer readers a chance to see different time periods of the American landscape. Rawlins, on the beat in the Californian 60s, and McGill, a NY PI in the Clinton 90s, allow Mosley to write about the second half of the 20th century in great detail, giving both his and his father's generation a voice.

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