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Robin Wolfson

As founder of the Robin Wolfson Agency, I believe that as we move past the pandemic, we are all in need of conversations that remind us of our humanity, fortitude, hopes and goals.

A powerful moving voice can do just that, and more. They can inspire, engage, instruct and entertain. With the right alchemy of speaker and audience, they can energize and invigorate our minds in a rapidly shifting interconnected world and spur us on to how we can move forward.

Whether it's a live event for a keynote speaker, or hybrid program bridging far flung audiences, we can connect you to the right voice for the right audience.

I've been a lecture professional for over 35 years and cultivated relationships with business executives, non-profit leaders, and university faculty and students whose goal is the education of their audiences. I champion speakers who have dedicated their lives to making an impact on individuals, organizations, and society. I am proud to help them spread their message and to make positive contributions all over the world.

Our goal is to help facilitate the spread of our speakers ideas. It is how we can begin to heal the world. These ideas are brought by such dignitaries, authors and business leaders and activists. I am pleased to represent and work with Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2021; Ruth Reichl, Culinary Icon; Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse; Robert Samuels, author of His Name is George Floyd; Dr. Cedric Alexander, Minneapolis Commissioner of Public Safety; Diana Henriques, financial historian; Helen Fisher, neuroscientist, biological anthropologist and TED All-Star; and Michael Stallard, author of Connection Culture, amongst others. They have all greatly impacted the world with their words.

For clients, we listen. We take the time to hear what you're looking for in a speaker, how they fit into your agenda, and what you want your audience to learn and experience. Your organization's strategic goals and program objectives are at the forefront of our work. We tailor our suggestions to your needs and work tirelessly to bring the best and the brightest to your community, corporate event, organization, or academic institution. We're also a full service agency and round out our option by helping you with planning, execution and logistics.

Robert Levinson

As a lecture agent, my goal is to make every event successful by matching the right speaker to the needs of the sponsor and the total experience. For me, the best events not only achieve top audience appeal and recognition, but also create insights and inspiration for all involved. Successful events enrich everyone. I want to be part of creating success for all involved.

Speaker opportunities and event formats have expanded greatly, and I'm well versed in maximizing live, digital and virtual events across all platforms. Ask my clients—I'm a trusted negotiator, seeking win-win for all parties with rapid contract closure supported by steady communication. My clients stick with me for the long term.

My collaborations range broadly, in all markets, from business and academia to non-profits large and small. My expertise is well-rounded in wide variety of topics from business to science, from arts to current events, both national and global.

I view events from every angle since I started on the other side of the fence—the sponsor side—as Associate Director at the Jewish Federation of North America, responsible for speaker events across 140 federations. I identify with all aspects of making events work, from booking talent through breathing relief after the event finishes and finally getting the speaker safely home. From this experience, I developed my guiding principle: without asking the right questions, we do not get the right answers.

I value my relationships forged with sponsors and speakers, and have spent more than 25 years working with clients to strategically create and build event brands. My career cornerstone was set through 20 years at the Royce Carlton Agency, a prestige brand in the lecture business. After its purchase by ICM, I continued as the leading agent for speaker revenue.

I personally developed numerous engagements with high-demand speakers including best-selling author and New York Times journalist Tom Friedman; CNN host and political commentator Fareed Zakaria; Alan Alda, award-winning actor and advocate for communication studies; and legendary comedienne Joan Rivers. Other marquee names in my network include writers Mitch Albom and Jon Meacham; actor/activists Anna Devere Smith and BD Wong; and provocative thought leaders Michael Sandel and Andrew Sullivan.

I found my way into my speaker agent career through my own speech experience: first at The Bronx High School of Science and later at the University of Pennsylvania. I value the training gained through these opportunities, resulting in awards and accolades I will always treasure. As my way of giving back, I've volunteered with the Bronx Science Speech and Debate Team for more than two decades.

One more thing: my favorite punctuation symbol is the question mark. How can I help you?