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Todd Henshaw

Todd Henshaw is responsible for directing, designing and delivering Executive Leadership Programs at Wharton, currently the nation’s top business school.

He was a key architect of West Point’s Leader Development System and the inaugural director of the Eisenhower Leader Development Program at Columbia University. Todd draws on his military background and experience consulting to the world’s top companies to share powerful lessons in leadership with both global executives and MBA students.

He customizes his keynotes to the needs of his audience- the levels of an organization he is speaking to, the industry they are in and their strategic goals. His primary speech topics are Inspirational Leadership, Courageous Leadership and Adaptive Leadership.

Inspirational Leadership

Todd shows C-level executives how to go beyond formal relationships to build trust. He discusses why it is essential to be vulnerable and let your employees know who you truly are. Think about it -- would you charge up a hill in battle for a commander you don’t believe in? He shares insight into how to connect with the mission that drives you as a leader and communicate this mission authentically to your team.

Courageous Leadership

This topic is intended for organizations that need to motivate their lower level management to respond more quickly and decisively to unforeseen events. Todd shows how to encourage your lower level management to take greater responsibility and risks, and explains how this can transform your organization from a rigid machine into a resilient organism.

Adaptive Leadership: Leading in a Complex and Uncertain Environment

This speech leverages the recent published work in the area of adaptive leadership to promote new thinking for those currently dealing with complexity and uncertainty in managerial roles. Many corporate leaders have responded to increased uncertainty by avoiding many areas of leadership that involve risk, including innovation, empowerment and delegation, developing a leadership pipeline, and leading necessary change. In many cases, adaptive leadership empowers the team to examine itself and its relationships with stakeholders, and to engage in thinking about how we can improve performance through innovation, coordination, and constructive conflict.

Professor Henshaw has worked to enhance leadership capacity in numerous global organizations, including General Electric, Glaxo Smith Kline, Coca-Cola, Bao Steel, Kuwait Ministry of Finance, Huawei, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Novartis, Penske, McKinsey, Bain and McKesson and the National Military Academy of Afghanistan.

Keywords: authentic leadership, inpirational leadership, adaptive leadership, executive development

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