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Shamus Rae

  • CEO of EngineB-AI and Open Source Data

Shamus Rae is a change-maker, intent on revolutionizing the way companies work.

As Co-Founder and CEO of Engine B, an open source data firm that aims to expedite the digitization of the professional services sector, he transforms organizations through the power of AI and data. He leads clients in both strategy and implementation, creating a road map for adopting deep learning technologies that will change the way they do business.

A data solution focusing primarily on the accounting and legal industries, Engine B brings together technology, key industry players, end clients, new start-ups, regulators and investors to define the future of professional services.

Shamus has spent over two decades delivering major transformation programs to businesses. As a Partner leading in Business Transformation at KPMG, he spearheaded Intelligent Automation—transformation/automation through the use of AI—taking the experience into the marketplace to help clients embrace this new and disruptive technology. He is an experienced disruptor, having worked in technology globalization in the early 90's before his foray into AI, Blockchain and IoT.

Both a highly respected voice and dedicated advocate of how we must use the digital revolution for good, Shamus uses his people-focused approach to pave the way for a new generation of responsible leadership. As a keynote speaker, has been a significant contributor to CogX and other industry events, engaging audiences with his candor and insight, delivering keynotes such as “It's Not in the Future, It's Here, Now: How to Ensure You are Investing in The Right Initiatives that Add Value to Your Business and Make Commercial Sense.”

In addition to his work for KPMG, Shamus was one of the founders of the offshoring industry in the late 1980's and was one of the three founders of WNS, now one of the largest offshore BPO providers. He helped build IBM's offshore BPO operation in India from zero to 17,000 people throughout the Middle East and Africa, and was previously a partner at PwC.

Keywords: AI, Open Source Data, Machine Learning, Auditing, Disruptive technology, Business Growth

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