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Rachel Bitecofer

  • Political Analyst and Strategist
  • “Election Whisperer” Expert in Voter Dynamics


Election guru and political strategist Rachel Bitcofer reveres democracy and promotes its fundamentals with analytical honesty using populist methods. Navigating long-held systems for freedom and equality by deciphering neglected grassroots indicators, Rachel leverages her irreverent brand to highlight winning tactics.

Rachel currently serves as advisor to Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison. In previous roles as adviser to the DNC and Michigan Democratic Party, she offered strategic consulting and voter projections to ensure candidate victories. Toppling paradigms for near perfect results accuracy in every cycle since 2018, Rachel secured her reputation as the “Election Whisperer” for political forecasting.

In Fall 2023 Rachel debuts her book Hit ‘em Where It Hurts – How to Save Democracy, sharing her insights into American politics. Rachel sees contemporary elections driven by coalitions and turnout rather than by registrations and bumper stickers. Ahead of the curve, she hones in on the ill-defined voter middle ground misunderstood by political junkies, yet critical to most ballot outcomes.

Regularly featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC, Rachel's spirited style of analysis turns complex concepts and wonky statistics into easily understood, entertaining narratives. Her unconventional steps from single working mother to political science PhD hint towards her preference for populist indicators, outside the usual pundit talking points.

Always the straight-forward truth teller, Rachel's current writings, including her platform The Cycle at Substack, focus on concrete solutions to fix—or save—the crumbling cultural impasses in America. She advocates a restoration of civic responsibility and political socialization to renew broad-scale voter participation. Backed by data, Rachel developed unique tracking pointers to measure clear signals in the electorate, marking trends beyond reach of traditional polls.

Bold and energetic, Rachel will deliver a customized presentation geared to each group's interests or needs, with focus on political events or broader current events. Her insights into political psychology and behavior can anchor group sessions delving into successful campaign essentials, applicable to politicians, organizations, or any group in need of modern competitive strategic thinking.


Keywords: Election 2020, Pollster, MSNBC, Presidential Election, Political Analysis, Data Analytics, Public Policy, Politics, Prediction

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