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Kathryn Minshew

  • Founder and CEO, The Muse
  • Technology and Startup Leader
  • Future of Work Expert


Kathryn Minshew combines vision, intellect, and passion to redefine the future of work as well as the broader playing field for startups and venture capital. As CEO and Founder of the online career platform The Muse, she is a pivotal force influencing new and traditional worker communities who demand better insights into job and company fit. Kathryn recognizes fresh expectations to personalize both the job search and the workplace, breaking apart and rebuilding organizations to meet diverse needs satisfying more workers.

We're seeing the rise of the values-based job seeker, and we're seeing many businesses realize that to retain existing workers—not to mention attract new ones—they have to behave very differently. The demand for quality experience will make those workplaces more resilient and supportive for employees of all ages.

Kathryn prioritizes helping individuals navigate their careers while also helping organizations attract and retain great people. Thinking broadly about the workforce of the future, she highlights the shifting dynamics between employees and employers, favoring innovation to elevate workplace cultures. From Kathryn's viewpoint, job seekers are more interested in the perks of living vs the perks of working.

Kathryn also offers valuable lessons based on her story evolving from fledgling management consultant to revered tech executive. Proficient negotiating the Silicon Valley entrepreneur incubator and private equity landscape, Kathryn’s savvy fueled successful funding for her early stage concept as well as later strategic platform growth. Kathryn spearheads all Muse major ventures—evaluating and integrating opportunities to capture, engage, and retain new target groups. The recent acquisition of redoubles company focus on working women with an authentic career space for support and empowerment. Still uncommon as a female tech CEO, her worldview is revelatory in the creativity and intense work required to gain both attention and support for investment.

At age 26 Kathryn pioneered The Muse as a personalized, engaged career and job discovery website now used by more than 75 million job seekers annually. Focused on building trusted brands for the long term, The Muse continues to expand into distinct communities with unique career needs. Previously recognized by the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company as an innovative startup, The Muse differentiates its job search benefits with bespoke experience and engagement, not just resume and profile repositories.

Kathryn's speaking emphasis includes the future of work, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, company culture, and making work more human. In demand for thought leadership, her TV appearances have included CNN, Bloomberg, NBC, FOX, and the Today Show, along with contributions to the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review. Author of The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career, she set in print the principles to advance modern career trajectories neither scripted nor linear. With accolades including Forbes 30 Under 30 and Inc.\nbsp;magazine Female Founders 100 list, Kathryn high profile appearances at the World Economic Forum, the Next Web Europe, and the Y Combinator Female Founders Conference underscore her diverse and wide-ranging viewpoints.


Keywords: retention, competitiveness, future of work, CEO, Author, Great resignation, talent development, organizational development

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