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Karen Webster

  • CEO of, leading fintech news and analysis resource
  • CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, business solutions driving innovation
  • Expert in the Connected Economy, including commerce, technology, digital media, and cryptocurrency


Company leader, trusted authority, plus serial entrepreneur, Karen Webster impresses audiences with her knowledge of all things financial. As founder and CEO of PYMNTS.COM, Karen apprises the industry daily on breaking news, data analysis, and market shifts related to payments, commerce and technology, evolving the platform as the premier source of “what's next.” Keeping her finger on the fintech pulse, she shares news from top executives at ViSA, ApplePay, Amex, GooglePay, and PayPal as well as many emerging players changing the industry landscape under the radar, looking to be the next Venmo or Square. Karen's talent in forecasting trends based on sharp attention to user behavior keeps her on speed dial for top executives.

In the Connected Economy—the fintech ecosystem linking sectors including payments, financial services, mobile, B2B, digital media, and technology—companies need to solve consumer issues, eliminating user friction and pain points with real world advances. The best innovation sticks due to on-going user dependence, not just cool technology. Differentiation is key—just because you're doing something doesn't make it breakthrough.

In her concurrent role as CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, Karen advises innovators by solving complex business problems while teaching focus. Savvy about consumer needs, she sees opportunities pairing digital transformations with viral adoption to drive customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. Karen offers lessons from her own background launching disruptive ventures propelled by strategic marketing, product pricing, and tailored incentives.

Karen speaks knowledgeably regarding the impacts of financial innovation at the intersection of mobile, digital, data, the cloud and the internet. She currently favors advances in connected user activities, such as voice-enabled commerce, user authentication, and real-time payment apps. Karen's less keen for metaverse monetization, and holds no enthusiasm for Bitcoin, blockchains, or cryptocurrency. Named one of LinkedIn's leading voices, Karen's warm and approachable style blends with her broad expertise to engage groups while easily navigating diverse topics across industries.




  • The Connected Economy. The combination of smartphones and apps has changed how we shop, how we pay, connect with people, discover and consume information, work, how we bank and even how we are paid. In this Connected Economy, firms need to pivot their business and marketing practices to reflect the new status quo by using digital tools and technology to fill the funnel, shorten the sales cycle, and close business. In this highly informative presentation Karen provides a framework for understanding this digital-first world by examining eight pillars, each representing a building block of the global digital economy, as she outlines the opportunities these connected ecosystems offer all industries and organizations.
  • Consumer Expectations as Seen Through the Payment Lens. The digital ecosystem has irrevocably changed and the roles of retail, financial institutions and fintechs. They need to adapt to fulfill the new expectations of today’s consumer — the digital shifter — who is creating shopping experiences using a mobile device, apps to order and pay ahead, and choosing the merchants who can support these newfound, digital-first preferences. In this presentation, Karen explores this evolution of consumers, providing action steps on how companies can meet their customers’ expectations in their different, digital-first shopping experience.

Keywords: digital commerce, B2B, eCommerce, Retail, Data, Consumer Goods, digital media, finance, economy, COVID-19, pandemic

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