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Dr. Jag Singh

  • Harvard cardiologist
  • Healthcare visionary
  • Author of Future Care


Dr. Jagmeet Singh, cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, defined his medical career unravelling complex problems while caring for patients with difficult health issues. A pioneer pushing traditional boundaries, Jag advocates reshaping medicine, shifting common thinking to predicting and preventing disease. His new book, Future Care: Sensors, Artificial Intelligence and the Reinvention of Medicine, illuminates gains reimagining health supported by continuous, value based care—in short, prevention over intervention.

Dr. Singh envisions game-changing technology, including artificial intelligence, to anticipate conditions, speed diagnoses, and escalate prevention. As an additional win-win, future care upsides include reduced costs, currently driven by conventional chronic disease routines. Using cutting-edge predictive analytics along with everyday implants and devices, his know-how reveals the benefits from sensor based care and strategies to monitor health data. Acknowledging the need for systemic culture change at all healthcare touch points, Jag urges swings away from short-term focus to long-term wellness, partnering with patients both in person and virtually to avert major medical events.

Distinguished as the Founding Director of the Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics Program at Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center, Jag fostered multidisciplinary methods while furthering digital initiatives. Established at MassGen for more than 25 years, he completed his internal medicine residency there as well as cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology fellowships. He earned his PhD at Oxford University and a Master of Science in clinical investigation from MIT-Harvard. In addition to notable academics and research, Jag puts his findings into real world application as a practicing doctor identifying and resolving advanced heart issues.

Backed by an expansive network with colleagues and collaborators around the world, Jag offers unique knowledge and skilled insights into upcoming medical innovations. Characterized by his patients as warm, helpful, and reassuring, Jag's sincerity and excitement for healthcare redesign inspires audiences with tales from the frontlines, sparking hope for what can be next for all.



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