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Dr. Eric Haseltine

  • Futurist, Innovative Neuroscientist & Co-Author of Riding the Monster: Five Ways to Innovate Inside Bureaucracies

As a senior executive who served in both the private and public sectors from Walt Disney Imagineering to the National Security Agency, Dr. Haseltine explores the inherent value of these informal relationships as the bedrock of change with his partner with Chris Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D. They show how to innovate and change behaviors with inspiring stories of successful game changers in their groundbreaking new book, Riding the Monster: Five Ways to Innovate Inside Bureaucracies.

There is power in the invisible. Invisible relationships, that is. They become a secret weapon for igniting innovation, tackling problems, and achieving success. Apple knows it, the brilliant minds behind the mRNA coronavirus vaccine know it, and futurist, neuroscientist, and innovative leader Eric Haseltine, Ph.D. knows it. He's uncovered that the life-changing innovations that start as a napkin sketch in restaurants, at the copier, or in a chance encounter tare the ones that change the world.

Dr. Haseltine and Dr. Gilbert share that the informal links of respect, trust, and friendship develop across organizational boundaries, spurring change and opening up people to unbridled innovation and are more adaptable than straight-line hierarchies. They open ways that are not taught in any business school or book on innovation to prove that networks in organizations are vital to their success. They emphasize that innovators need to grow these informal, invisible relationships in their enterprise before developing an innovative product, so that when the product is ready, it has a safe path to market along the network of these relationships.

Dr. Haseltine combines his unique experience as a widely-acclaimed popular science writer for Discover Magazine and with his technology savvy as CTO for at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and his current work as Chairman of the Board at US Technology Leadership Council. He now focuses on developing completely new forms of digital media, entertainment, and advertising, in addition to cutting-edge cyber and industrial security solutions. He is the author of Brain Safari, Long-Fuse, Big Bang, and has co-authored The Listening Cure with Dr. Gilbert.

Keywords: innovation, technology, trust, organizational change, AI, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, leadership, collaboration business strategy, communication

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