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David Weinberger

  • Everyday Chaos: Technology, Complexity and How We're Thriving in a New World of Possibility

Since the dawn of the web, pioneering thought leader David Weinberger has been deciphering the impact of the technology on our lives, business, and ideas. He has pursued this work as a senior researcher at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, as former co-director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, as a journalism fellow at Harvard's Shorenstein Center, a Franklin Fellow at the US State Department, and currently as a writer-in-residence at an AI research group at Google. His many years as a marketing consultant to innovative tech companies, a marketing VP, and entrepreneur have given him first-hand experience in our new economy.

A best-selling author, his latest book Everyday Chaos: Technology, Complexity, and How We're Thriving in a New World of Possibility examines how AI, big data, modern science, and the Internet are enabling us to embrace the chaos from which the future arises. Addressing both business and individuals, he explains how we're advancing as never before, not by anticipating the future, but by making it even more unpredictable. His first book, Cluetrain Manifesto has been called a “primer on Internet marketing,” revealing the Internet as a social space years before social networks like Facebook came along.

David has a knack for showing the big ideas hiding in the changes we take for granted. He brings his remarkable range of experience and knowledge to the most important questions facing business today: how is technology changing the way employees, partners and customers engage? How is it changing the basics of business, culture, education, politics, government? His presentations are dynamic and entertaining, offering audiences key insights into the power of the Internet in an engaging manner featuring humor, practical advice, and powerful ideas.

David is also the author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined: A Unified Theory of the Web and Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder that explain how the new rules for organizing ideas and information are transforming business and culture. His other books include the award-winning Too Big to Know: Rethinking Knowledge Now that the Facts Aren't the Facts, Experts Are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Room.

Bridging technology and media, David has written for the “Fortune 500” of business and tech journals, including The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe, USA Today, The Guardian, and Wired. Journalists from The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, InformationWeek, The Economist, Foreign Policy, and Wall Street Journal turn to him for insight. He has been a columnist for, United Airlines magazine Rhapsody, and Knowledge Management World. He has also been a regular commentator on National Public Radio's “All Things Considered” and has appeared on many podcasts. David has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Toronto.


My copy is filled with notes on the margins of every page. This is what books are for—a mind-blowing, game-changing, fun-to-read race into the future. Wow.

Seth Godin, Author of This is Marketing

If you want to better understand the possibilities that machine learning and other forms of AI are creating—and harness the power of these breakthroughs—read this lively and illuminating book!

Reid Hoffman, Cofounder, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock

David's dual keynotes for KMWorld and Taxonomy Boot Camp 2020 introduced new and forward-looking ways of understanding the changes, challenges, and opportunities presented by AI and the Net—big ideas and solid practical suggestions, delivered with his usual clarity and wit. His energy and fun comments during our interactive discussion at our virtual event definitely translated positively to our audience!

Director of Content Strategy, KM World

Keywords: internet, AI, marketing, machine learning, innovation, technology, future trends, Web, big data

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