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David Corn

  • Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief
  • Award-winning Journalist and Political Commentator


Veteran political journalist and best-selling author David Corn established his reputation breaking stories investigating the high profile players and headline events swirling around Washington, DC. Currently the Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones magazine and political analyst for MSNBC, David brings decades of wisdom and perspective to his present day reporting and commentary. His latest book American Psychosis explores the modern history of the Republican Party with recent seismic shifts moving from the party of Lincoln to that of the Far Right.

David's connections to leading figures have been built over decades, established during his 20-year run as Washington editor for The Nation. Favorite topics include agencies and organizations ripe for investigation: the CIA, the NRA, the Pentagon, and various aspects of US Congress. Wide-ranging in his focus, David's recently reported stories centered on Elon Musk, US Senator Joe Manchin, US Representative George Santos, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former President Donald Trump.

Versatile in his writing, David is known for piercing updates questioning conventional thinking and expectations. In Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, David partnered with co-author Michael Isikoff to unveil Russian-led hacking during the 2016 US election. In 2012, he was honored by the George Polk Awards for special achievement in journalism surrounding the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. David broke the “47% Video” story, documenting the candidate's remarks about half of voters as self-proclaimed victims, seen as key to upending Romney's shot at winning.

A favorite for live political observations in broadcast news, David contributes often on C-SPAN TV, National Public Radio, BBC, and CBC radio. His work extends to editorial and commentary at print journalism leaders including the New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, and Slate. No one tells it like it is quite like David Corn—his vast knowledge of all things Washington plus behind-the-scenes tidbits combine for fascinating stories.


Keywords: election, presidential election, pundit, columnist, commentator, MSNBC, CNN, Russia, Putin, news analyst, Mother Jones

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