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Cedric L. Alexander

  • How to build a sensitive cop
  • 21st century policing
  • Leadership and building trust in an organization

Dr. Cedric Alexander doesn’t see an audience when he speaks. He sees leaders  within their companies, in their communities, and at home. This approach stems from his unique combination of experience in law enforcement, clinical psychology and family therapy. As a longtime Chief of Police in DeKalb County, Georgia, and Rochester, NY, he was pivotal in reforming troubled police departments and restoring trust between them and their communities. He now serves as Deputy Mayor of Rochester.

Dr. Alexander was one of 11 police professionals appointed to serve on President Barack Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which produced a document used by police departments across the nation to improve police-community relations. He has testified before Congress on such topics as intelligence gathering and sharing and police-community relations. 

Organizational change starts with leadership on the individual level. According to Dr. Alexander, a company or community improves by finding their truth and by creating a deep sense of ethical conviction. With eye-opening storytelling, Dr. Alexander explains how the lessons he learned as a pioneering law enforcement leader applies to members of a wide range of organizations, from corporations to government to community associations

Dr. Alexander’s message is inclusive and healing at a time when America is divided and suspicious. It is a fact that the U.S. government, and the police who serve it, has lost credibility and public trust. Dr. Alexander experienced this personally as a police chief during the rise of Black Lives Matter, working to heal the rift between police and community at a point when tensions between them had become dangerously strained. 

Drawing on his expertise in police-community relations as well as clinical psychology, he explores new ways to engage with people whom we disagree with, if we are to come together as a nation again. His message: restoring trust and cooperation between police and community offers a powerful model for leaders of our communities to take bold actions. Audiences leave Dr. Alexander’s talks with renewed confidence in their ability to make a difference in their organizations and communities, starting today. 

Dr. Alexander has appeared on national media networks to provide comment on police-community relations and as a CNN law enforcement analyst has written editorials including “How to Build a Sensitive Cop;” “Police and Communities of Color Need to Build Trust;” and “Attacks on Police are an Attack on Community.” He has also served as Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, and as an assistant professor at the University of Rochester Department of Psychiatry. He is a former National President for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE). He has lectured on police stress and burnout, and currently trains on topics of management and leadership, centered around 21st Century Policing. He is the author of The New Guardians: Policing in America's Communities For the 21st Century.

  • Post doctoral clinical training work at Univ of Rochester, Rochester NY
  • Internship training at University of Miami Medical Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, (Miami Fl.), Dept. of Psychiatry
  • Doctorate degree from Wright State Univ., Dayton OH

Keywords: leadership, trust, Black Lives Matter, law enforcement, community relations, public service, community building, first responders, guns, gun violence, race

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