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Richie Etwaru

  • Blockchain expert
  • Human data ethicist
  • Founder and CEO of Hu‑

As Founder and CEO of, Richie Etwaru spearheads the movement to establish legal ownership of human data as property. His #My31 app, the first, decentralized human rights app built on blockchain. This allows individuals to easily reclaim what he calls the 31st Human Right or the fundamental right to own our inherent data. By taking ownership, we can determine how it's used and authorize its monetization.

In his role as thought leader in the realm of data privacy, data ethics, and ownership, Richie also serves as a human data ethicist. Whether its IoT, AI, machine learning, blockchain or cloud, he helps organizations understand the present and future of these emerging technologies and the impact they have on the risks, opportunities, and ethics around the use of human data.

Richie is recognized as one of today's most influential voices in understanding blockchain and its role as the ideal mechanism for data ownership and management. His TEDx talk Blockchain: Massively Simplified is considered one of the top videos on the subject, garnering over a million views.

Throughout his career, Richie has held C-Suite technology roles in a variety of organizations from start-ups to financial services, software, and healthcare Fortune 500 companies. In the media, he's been quote in NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, Computer World, Forbes, VentureBeat, and WIRED.

An engaging speaker, Richie is a natural storyteller, wrapping complex, intellectual content around memorable narratives. His presentations draw from experience and his affinity for parsing the future in an easy-to-understand way. His content is rich with originality and his interactive approach effectively utilizes creatives, visuals, real-time audience engagement, and Q&A.

Be on the Right Side of Humanity

In this presentation Richie outlines the clear best practices, comprehensive regulations, and technology tools that are essential to managing and balancing business intelligence and ethics.

Companies collect, store, and use customer data. They run on this data and are building business intelligence at rapid speed. But, do we have the ethical strength to handle this level of intelligence? What are the risks and opportunities for becoming super intelligent?

For digital companies, customer data privacy, data ownership, and data ethics are now at the core of a competitive strategy. Yet, they need to be able to instill best practices to avoid manipulating customers at scale while maintaining a business ethics posture.

Keywords: blockchain, bitcoin, cyber currency, strategy, innovation, trends, virtual markets, distributed ledger exchanges, cryptocurrency markets, governance, risk and compliance, healthcare

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