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Richie Etwaru

  • Blockchain and opportunities in cryptocurrencies

Richie Etwaru is IQVIA’s chief digital officer, where he is responsible for identifying, prioritizing and embedding technology innovation and digital trends into the vision, strategy, and operating model of their Global Technology Solutions business unit. He is also the author of Blockchain: Trust Companies: Every Company Is at Risk of Being Disrupted by a Trusted Version of Itself

In his speeches, Mr. Etwaru argues why blockchain and the digital currencies that use it will disrupt commerce in the coming years. He explores how blockchain has the potential to close the expanding trust gap in commerce by reducing intermediaries in transactions, decreasing the need for customer verification, and cutting down on fraud. He makes the case for why consumers will naturally trust companies utilizing these technologies. In his view, this means that companies across the board need to adopt blockchain, or risk being disrupted by more trusted blockchain versions of themselves.

Richie Etwaru has delivered over 100 blockchain keynotes across the world and has advised governments and venture funds on blockchain opportunities. He is also an adjunct professor of blockchain management at Syracuse University in New York.

Keywords: blockchain, bitcoin, cyber currency, strategy, innovation, trends, virtual markets, distributed ledger exchanges, cryptocurrency markets, governance, risk and compliance, healthcare

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