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Ray Rothrock

  • Digital resilience: Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?
  • An insider's view into mind of a successful venture capitalist
  • Transforming an organization to recognize future needs & developing a product strategy to meet them

Target. Yahoo. Marriott. Equifax. Sony Pictures. They've all been hacked and together the data and personal information of millions of people has been compromised.

Could you be next? Do you know how to prevent it or even survive it when, not if it happens.

Ray Rothrock does.

As Chairman and CEO of RedSeal, an enterprise digital resilience cybersecurity company, Ray is one of the top experts on cyber security. He's a strategic visionary, known for his uncanny ability to look to the future in order to solve today's problems. He saw the coming age of cyber warfare decades ago and has become a leader in offering concrete solutions on how we can become “cyber warriors” and protect ourselves from its ever-evolving grip.

Ray is also the author of the compelling and eye-opening book Digital Resilience: Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat? and has emerged as a management thought leader and trusted voice on the potential threats that can upend a company and the powerful fixes to help you survive.

Candid and engaging, Ray provides a sweeping overview of the vulnerabilities and threats of today's cyber security world and lays bare tactics for implementing a “digital resilience-building strategy.” By utilizing people, process, and technology to thwart a cyberattack or even continue to operate during one, an organization will not just survive, but thrive. In utilizing Ray's strategies, you can maintain customer trust, prevent reputational damage, and avoid catastrophic financial loss.

As a corporate leader experienced in building and transforming companies Ray offers both established organizations and new start-ups key insights into innovation, change management, and entrepreneurial strategy. He shares seasoned advice on how to implement these ideas and convince others to get behind them to achieve optimal success.

Ray comes by his leadership role at RedSeal easily. It was one of the 53 investments he spearheaded during his storied 25-year tenure at Venrock, the Rockefeller family investment firm. He made a name for himself investing in energy and technology at the advent of the Internet, and became a security specialist during the rise of digital warfare. Always forward thinking, he funded over a dozen cyber security companies including Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ: CHKP), Vontu, PGP, P-Cube, Imperva, Cloudflare, CTERA, and Shape Security.

His high-profile investments led Ray to astounding success, establishing him as an industry leader and twice landing him on the Forbes Midas List. Ray remains an active angel investor, serving on the boards of Check Point Software Technology, Roku, Inc., several private companies, and a clean fusion energy company.

Ray is regarded as a venture capitalist with a cause, dedicated to many philanthropic endeavors, particularly those in education and the arts. He holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University, a MS in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA with Distinction from the Harvard Business School.

Keywords: cybersecurity, venture capitalist, innovation, CEO, leadership, change management, entrepreneur, product strategy, trends.

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