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Ken Segall

  • Truth, justice & simplicity
  • The man who put the i in iMac

Ken Segall spent more than a decade as Steve Jobs’ creative director. Together, they created the “Think Different” campaign and others that rescued Apple from the brink of bankruptcy and helped transform it into the world’s most valuable company. Segall witnessed firsthand how Jobs applied one overriding philosophy to every aspect of Apple’s business: simplicity.

Ever since Jobs’ untimely passing, Ken has been on a mission to spread the gospel of simplicity to the corporate world. Drawing on fascinating stories of his time working with Steve Jobs, he shines a light on how simplicity has driven Apple’s success.

Ken illustrates how any company, by applying elements of simplicity to their business model, can create better products, earn customer loyalty, and inspire employees. He also goes behind-the-scenes to reveal the creative process behind Apple’s legendary ad campaigns — and how, when it came to simplicity, Steve Jobs was as uncompromising in his ads as he was in his products.

Ken has spoken in Europe, Asia and all three Americas, to audiences from 25 to 2,500. He has spoken at international conferences and corporate events for Ikea, Intel, Dell, Accenture, Nationwide Insurance, Deloitte, Tourism Australia, Humira, and many more.

Keywords: marketing, branding, advertising, strategy, communications, product development, Apple

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