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Anna Tavis


Dr. Anna Tavis is a recognized thought leader and compelling speaker on HR and the future of work. She is currently developing the Center for the Future of Work at NYU, where she is an Associate Professor of Human Capital Management. She is also a senior lecturer at Latin American Business School, Senior Fellow with The Conference Board and Executive Director for the Innovation Radar Network with Executive Networks, as well as Senior Editor of People+Strategy Journal , a publication of HRPS, SHRM’s Executive network.

In her speeches, Professor Tavis breaks down her research into the sea-change that is occurring within performance management. She explains why many companies are radically changing their annual review systems in favor of giving people less formal, more frequent feedback. She analyzes the potential of these transformations to free up innovation, collaboration, and creativity among their employees,

However, HR professionals should not initiate a performance management revolution before deciding what they want their end performance management system to look like. Dr. Tavis offers insight into how to find the natural rhythm of your organization and its people by embarking on a cultural discovery process. She discusses how to adjust the timing of your feedback to the natural cycle of work at your organization. She also explores the best ways to reward good performers and identify bad performers, align individual and company goals, avoid legal troubles, and get—and keep—executive sponsorship.

Her latest article “The Performance Management Revolution” was co-written with Peter Capelli, Professor of Management and Director of the Center for Human Resources at The Wharton School. It appeared in the Harvard Business Review in October 2016. Her new book, Point Counterpoint II: New Perspectives on People + Strategy was co-written with Richard Vosburgh, President RMV Solutons, LLC and Marc Sokol, the Executive Director of Sage Consulting Resources. It will be published in 2018.


Keywords: the future of work, human capital, change management, transformation, leadership, performance review, collaboration, strategic management

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