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Andy Borowitz

  • The Borowitz Report: political satire at its finest
  • The rise of political satire under the Trump administration

Andy Borowitz is the creator of The Borowitz Report, beloved by millions of readers since 2001. His weekly satire column in The New Yorker on the trials and tribulations of the Trump administration and U.S. politics wields satire with devastating effectiveness. If you like The Borowitz Report, you’ll love Andy speaking live, raw and unfiltered.

Andy speaks about why we need satire in order to cope with today’s political climate. He shares his thoughts on why comedy has become such a popular way for Americans to get their news, and comments on how politics and entertainment have become increasingly, unfortunately intertwined. Prior to The Borowitz Report, he created the legendary sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He has been called “the funniest human on Twitter” by The New York Times, and is the author of the No. 1 best-selling memoir, An Unexpected Twist.

Keywords: fake news, political satire, the new yorker, journalism, author

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